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Tom Landis Tom Landis began his career in construction as a builder. He finished a carpentry apprenticeship then served with a military construction battalion before completing a formal degree in Construction Management as well as an advanced degree in Adult Education.

He considers himself a hands-on professional as familiar with using the tools of the trade as with the business of residential architecture and construction.

CNNfn interview with Tom Landis
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"CNNfn Money Talks - Interview of Tom Landis"
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Down Home Radio host Tom Landis is interviewed by CNN financial news on their Money Talks segment. Tom Landis shares his thoughts and insights with viewers world wide.

 Visit Down Home Radio for the entire audio archive

Tom's forte is residential architecture and construction. As an apprentice he worked extensively with a custom home builder, and after 30 years of experience and education his current practice is still to offer his services to the custom home building market.

Tom gives each construction project his full attention from design through project turnover. He lives with his wife, Anna, and their children, Lauren, Will, and Gia in the great Pacific Northwest.

Tom is a knowledgeable construction industry insider, writer, educator, and speaker. He regularly teaches a class for owners who want to be more involved in the design/build process. He also writes on the topic of curriculum accountability in education. He enjoys producing media products for educational use in the classroom.

He is an active member of the National Association of Home and Workshop Writers.

Tom Landis is The Owner Builder Coach.

Tom was prompted to develop this guide and produce a companion video because so many people were interested in becoming owner/builders and taking charge of the design/build process.

What he fulfills is a need by the consumer to get accurate information from a builder's perspective.

Now he is providing you with the essentials of residential architecture and construction.........
your guide to successful home building.

The following poem is from the anthology

a collection of poetry written by Tom during the past 25 years.

This particular selection was written while he was standing on the ice runway at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, waiting for a return flight to the United States via Christchurch, New Zealand.

He had just completed a stay of six months at the National Science Foundation's main base on the Ross Ice Shelf managing a construction project. It was February 1986.

from where I stand
the shortest distance
between two points
is not necessarily
a straight line
but rather
through vomit and blood
and sweat of my brow
hip deep in frustrations
of lonely men
their knuckles whitened
grasping salty tools
anxiously waiting
to fly high across glaciers
magnetic fields and
storm laden oceans
navigating an arc
which solid geometry
refuses to consider

Tom's also got this thing about best friends. Tom grew up on the Fox River in Northern Illinois and one of his lifelong buddies is Phil Chard. You can visit Phil at

OK. . . . .call him naively sentimental, but Tom still believes It's a Wonderful Life.

"No man is a failure who has friends."

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