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You'll find these links very useful for searching the construction industry on topics ranging from "architecture" to "zoning".

Creating The Not So Big House
Click here to visit site

"Not So Big House" with Guest Sarah Susanka

Tom interviews Sarah Susanka, author of Creating the Not So Big House and The Not So Big House. Ms. Susanka welcomes us to the NSBH philosophy encompassing her simple yet elegant notion that a house should be built to work with the lifestyle and values of its occupants. She introduces us to "thinking in the third dimension" and reflects on the soulful nature of good design, explaining "a home is an extension of the lives of the people who live there so you can feel what peoples' passions are."

 Visit Down Home Radio for the entire audio archive

Each search link is unique depending on its sponsor's purpose and vision so your job is to adapt each source to the requirements of your home building project.

It's an exciting adventure of ideas...

Visit these sites for specific information:

  • R.S. Means is North America's leading provider of construction cost information products and services.

  • Sweet's Group is the construction industry's primary product information source needed in the various stages of the design process.

  • Code Check is the premiere site for help with building codes and building a safe house.

  • American National Standards Institute is a nonprofit organization supported by a diverse constituency of private and public sector organizations with the goal of standardizing products and services we purchase as consumers. For instance, their publication ANSI Z765-1996 provides a national standard for calculating the square footage of single-family residential buildings.

Visit these sites to support your home "construction" office:

  • NEBS is a leading supplier of printed products such as invoices, purchase orders, check registers, and stationery geared toward the construction industry.

  • Calculated Industries is a well-known manufacturer of specialty calculators and measuring tools created especially for the Design/Build process.

  • Kinko's handles document reproduction, offers computer services, and provides free local phone calls while you wait for them to finish your job.
Get more info for your project

Here's a collection of hands-on links which you might find useful:

Here's a list of green links which you might find useful:

Here's a useful site you might want to visit if you're building in the greater Seattle vicinity:

It's a Washington State web site where folks can list and/or search for recycled building supplies. I don't think enough Washingtonians know about it. Check it out !!!

Here's a list of universal design links you might find useful:

Here's a list of home inspection links you might find useful:

links But remember: the FIRST STEP is to know what to ask. There's nothing gained by needlessly searching for solutions before you identify the critical path. What a waste of time! Start your home building project by immediately heading in the right direction rather than meandering around the marketplace.

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